2016 Technology Congress Videos

Strategies to Prevent Internet Pornography Addiction – Mary Sharpe

Using Art and New Media to Create Awareness Against Addictions – Mehmet İlhan

Lifestyle and Depressive Risk Factors Associated with Problematic Internet Use – Prof. Abdülbari Bener

Treatment of Internet Addiction – Prof. Daria Kuss

Treatment of Internet Addiction – Prof. Dr. Daria Kuss

Students’ Thoughts about Addiction Prevention Training of Turkey “Technology Addiction” Module – Asst. Prof. Ahmet Ağır

Social Media and Cyber Security – Bilal Tırnakçı

Internet: A New Actor of Socialization Process – Assoc. Prof. Yusuf Adıgüzel

From the Mass of Media to the Media of the Masses – Assoc. Prof. Abdullah Özkan

Religious and Moral Influences of Technology Addiction – Assoc. Prof. Huriye Martı

Technology Addiction, Health Promotion and Risks Behaviors Among Adolescents – Assoc. Prof. Tülay Ortabağ

Discover Learn – İzzet Boğazlıyanlıoğlu

Relation Between The Healty Lifestyle Behaviours and Digital Gaming Behaviours in Adolescents – Asst. Prof. Aysun Ardıç

Mobile Phone Addiction and Rehabilitation – Asst. Prof. Dr. Hasan Kerem

Addiction Prevention Training Program of Turkey TBM – Derya Akyılmaz

Kuwait Experience: Internet Addiction and Efforts to Control It – Dr. Samir N. Hamade

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