Speaker List

4th International Congress of Techonology Addiction Speakers
1. President of The Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN - Opening Speeches
2. President of The Turkish Green Crescent Society Prof. Dr. Mücahit ÖZTÜRK - Opening Speeches
3. Prof. Dr. Recep Akdağ - Chair
4. Prof. Marc Potenza, U.S.A. - Keynote Speaker
5. Krista Kiuru, Finland - Keynote Speaker
6. Prof. Hae Kook Lee, South Korea - Keynote Speaker
7. Dr. Esra Albayrak - Chair
8. Prof. Dr. Şener Büyüköztürk, Turkey - "The Effect of TBM on Tehcnology Addiction in Students"
9. Assoc. Prof. Hanna Nita Scherler, Turkey - "Addiction from Gestalt Perspective"
10. Dr. Daria Kuss, U.K. - "Problematic Mobile Phone Use and Smartphone Addiction"
11. Prof. Dr. İhsan Karaman - Chair
12. Prof. Wei Hao, China - "Experience In Dealing With Excessive Mobile Gaming From China"
13. Dr. Eva Suryani, Indonesia - "Smartphone Use and Smartphone Addiction Among Adolescent in Jakarta (Indonesia)"
14. Dr. Jiang Long, Belgium - "Problematic Mobile Phone Use in China"
15. Prof. Dr. Cevdet Erdöl - Chair
16. Prof. Dr. Nabi Avcı, Turkey - "The Shift of The World from Gutenberg through Internet"
17. Prof. John Saunders, Australia - "Gaming Disorder - Is It Really An Addiction?"
18. Prof. Dr. Kültegin Ögel, Turkey - "What Is The Guilt of Technology On Technology Addiction"
19. Prof. Dr. Ayşen Gürcan - Chair
20. Dr. Norharlina Bahar, Malaysia - "Excessive Internet Use: Impact on Family, Parenting and Children"
21. Dr. Afarin Rahimi-Movaghar, Iran - "Online Gaming In Iran: Extent, Patterns and Policies"
22. Dr. Daniel T. Spritzer, Brasil - "Gaming addiction: mechanics, ethics and risks"
23. Prof. Dr. Peyami Çelikcan - Chair
24. Assoc. Prof. Cüneyt Evren, Turkey - Keynote Speaker
25. Assoc. Prof. Ercan Dalbudak, Turkey - Keynote Speaker
26. Assoc. Prof. Azize Nilgün Canel - Chair
27. Prof. Dr. Medaim Yanık, Turkey - Keynote Speaker
28. Prof. Dr. Kemal Sayar, Turkey - Keynote Speaker
29. Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu - Chair
30. Dr. Hans-Jurgen Rumpf, Germany - "Social Network Addiction"
31. Dr. Kristiana Siste, Indonesia - "Internet Addiction in Indonesia: Huge Challenge in Developing Country"
32. Assoc. Prof. Gül Karaçetin, Turkey - "Internet Addiction in Turkey: An Example from the University of Health Sciences, Bakirkoy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Research and Training Center for Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases"
33. Dr. Mehmet Dinç - Chair
34. Prof. Dr. Osman Tolga Arıcak, Turkey - "The Situation of Cyberbullying Studies in Turkey"
35. Dr. Thomas Chung, Hong Kong - "Hong-Kong Experience On Prevention of Internet Addiction and Cyberbullying"
36. Dr. Zsolt Demetrovics, Hungary - "Cyberbullying"
37. Prof. Dr. Edibe Sözen - Chair
38. Dr. Sun-Jin Jo, South Korea - "Prevention Strategy Based on The Lesson From Korean Cohort Study"
39. Dr. Fatih Yavuz, Turkey - "To Be Caught by The Technology, While Escaping From The Pain"
40. Satoko Mihara, Japan - "The Self-discovery Camp For The Treatment of Gaming Disorders: Results of Follow-up Studies"
41. Dr. Toker Ergüder - Chair
42. Dr. Ahmad El-Kashef, U.A.E. - "Problematic Internet Use and Internet Addiction In The Arab World"
43. Dr. Ali Al Marzooqi, U.A.E. - "Public Health and Addiction"
44. Dr. Alyaziya Al-Mazrouei, U.A.E. - "School Prevention Programmes"
45. Dr. Mehmet Dinç - Closing Speech