Previous Congresses

2. International Congress of Technology Addiction, November 26th-27th 2013

2. International Congress of Technology Addiction was organized by Culture Society and Family Association and Ministry of National Education in November 26th-27th 2013. Sponsored by the Municipality of Esenler and the University of Hasan Kalyoncu, the congress featured significant experts from around the world such as Prof. Gray Small of California University, Assoc. Dr. Michael Rich of Harvard University, Dr. Tao Ran of Pekin State Hospital, Dr. Cheryl K. Olson, Prof. Alexander E. Voiskounsky of Lomonsov Moscow State University, and many more.

1. International Congress of Technology Addiction, April 6th-8th 2012

Technology addiction was discussed with its different dimensions with the participation of the leading scholars in the 1. International Congress of Technology Addiction. The congress was organized with the partnership of the Ministry of National Education, Marmara University, Culture Society and Family Association, and Municipality of Ümraniye. In this congress academicians from different countries presented their studies on different topics related to technology addiction such as internet addiction, online gambling addiction, online sex addiction, online gaming addiction, online shopping addiction, online chatting addiction, mobile phone addiction, TV addiction, and computer games addiction.