KULT Association

Culture Society and Family Association was established in December 2011 with personal efforts of a group distinguished scientist, doctors, psychologists and social science experts. The primary mission of the association is to create a democratic, fair and equitable environment our country needs by individual and social basis. First steps in accordance with this mission are to prepare academic symposium and publications on an international level and will be national training programs that will be held jointly with the Ministry of Education.

The main purposes of the Culture are those;

  • To spread to a wider field by strengthening with the institutional supports personal efforts and works of members and founders,
  • To implement all creative projects and ideas produced without conflicting with the values Turkey set up from the past to the present,
  • To create an unprecedented structure by bringing together the experince and knowledge of private and public sectors on association platform,
  • To support the education with scholarships and other financial contributions,
  • To certify the participants by organizing special vocational training programs,
  • To implement developed special training programs with the international institutions such as the EU and UNICEF,
  • To emphasize a unifying culture with an approach expanding toward from the individual to the family and from the family to society in the community.